The Somaliland Quality Control Commission was established through presidential decree in 2010. The office of the president, in a letter dated September 26, 2010, REF: RSL/P/SQCC/092010, appealed to development partners to assist SQCC.

The parliament of Somaliland enacted the SQCC Bill in 2014, and the president of Somaliland, H.E. Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud (Siilanyo), signed the SQCC Bill into law in 2015. Law No. 68/2014 explains the SQCC mandates and its organogram.

The Mandate Of SQCC Is:

Article 7 Underlines The Functions And Duties Of SQCC

  • To promote standardization, metrology and quality assurance in industry and commerce,
  • To make arrangements for, or provide facilities for, the testing and calibration of equipment for the determination of their degree of accuracy by comparison with standards approved by the Commission, and for the issue of certificates with regard thereto;
  • To make arrangements for, or provide facilities for, the examination and testing of goods and products, and any material or substance from which, with which, or having regard to the manner in which, they may be manufactured, produced, processed or treated;
  • To control, in accordance with the provisions of this Act, the use of standardization marks and distinctive marks;
  • To prepare, frame, modify, amend and publish National Standards and any codes of practice intended to be applied in consultation with competent authorities and stakeholders in line with internationally recognized procedures and best international practices;
  • To encourage or undertake educational work in connection with standardization, metrology and quality assurance;
  • To assist the Government competent authorities, any local authority, public body, or any other person in the preparation and framing of any standards related deliverables, specifications or codes of practice
  • To provide for the testing, on behalf of the Government, of locally manufactured or imported commodities, to determine whether such Page 12 of 25 commodities comply with the provisions of this Act, or any other written law dealing with standards of quality or description;
  • To enforce standards in the protection of public health and safety and the environment against harmful ingredients, dangerous products, counterfeits, substandard products and materials, and poor performance;
  • To carry out market surveillance to rid the market of dangerous products, counterfeits and substandard goods;
  • Combat counterfeiting, trade and other dealings in counterfeit goods in accordance with this Act;
  • To represent the country and liaise with relevant regional and international standardization, metrology and quality assurance organizations,
  • to give effect to the decisions and recommendations arising from regional and international engagements;
  • To promote and facilitate the use of standards as the basis for the development of technical regulations;
  • To provide standards and standards related information to the public;
  • Do all such acts and things, or enter into all such transactions as are expedient or necessary for the proper and efficient discharge of the functions of SQCC.