Department Mandate:

  • Director of inspection and QA


    Quality Control Commission

    Job Title

    Director of inspection QA


    Inspection quality assurance


    2, Level A9-A3


    Director General

    Supervisory Responsibility

    Section Heads in the Department

    Job Purpose


    The Purpose for all Civil Servants is guided by the 2030 Somaliland Vision which aims to build an effective, efficient, transparent and accountable public sector that guarantees inclusiveness and fairness consistent with good governance and efficient public resource management and the principle of accountability.

    The Director provides strategic guidance in inspection QA


    (Duties and Outputs)

    1. Develop and implement a comprehensive quality assurance strategy for inspections, in alignment with the goals and objectives of the Quality Control Commission. Define quality standards, guidelines, and procedures to ensure consistent and accurate inspections.
    2. Provide leadership and guidance to the Inspection QA team, including inspectors and quality assurance professionals. Foster a culture of quality, professionalism, and continuous improvement. Set performance expectations, conduct regular evaluations, and support professional development.
    3. Ensure inspections conducted by the department comply with relevant regulations, standards, and policies. Monitor changes in regulatory requirements and update inspection protocols accordingly. Collaborate with regulatory bodies to address compliance issues and implement corrective actions.
    4. Continuously evaluate inspection processes and procedures to identify opportunities for enhancement. Analyze data, metrics, and feedback from inspections to identify trends, areas of non-compliance, and potential risks. Develop and implement improvement initiatives to optimize inspection quality and efficiency.
    5. Develop and deliver training programs on inspection protocols, quality standards, and best practices. Provide guidance and support to inspectors and other stakeholders to ensure a consistent understanding of quality expectations. Foster a culture of learning and professional development within the department.
    6. Establish and implement quality control measures to monitor the accuracy, consistency, and reliability of inspection outcomes. Develop and maintain quality control procedures, review inspection reports, and conduct audits. Implement corrective actions and preventive measures as needed.
    7. Collaborate with internal and external stakeholders, such as regulatory agencies, industry representatives, and other departments within the Quality Control Commission. Develop effective working relationships to align inspection practices, share knowledge, and address quality-related issues.
    8. Ensure comprehensive and accurate documentation of inspection processes, findings, and quality assurance activities. Prepare reports and presentations summarizing inspection results, quality metrics, and improvement initiatives. Present findings to management, regulatory bodies, and other relevant stakeholders.

    Education and Experience

    • Bachelor's degree in a relevant field, such as Quality Assurance, Quality Management, Engineering, or a related discipline.
    • A master's degree or higher in a related field.
    • Seven years’ experience, four (4) of which must have been at the senior management level


    (Skills, Knowledge, Behaviours)

    • Developing and implementing comprehensive quality assurance strategies, standards, and procedures related to inspections.
    • Ability to achieve effective, efficient, transparent, and accountable governance.
    • Accountable for achievement of relevant strategy and priority goals
    • Demonstrated ability to make balanced and evidence-based decision-making to solve the most complex problems and defend judgments based on relevant evidence and criteria.
    • Ability to deal regularly with complex issues requiring strategic and timely responses.
    • Performs consistently at highest level of management.
    • Problem solving requires highest level of cognitive ability.
    • Ability to manage high degree of complexity of decision making with reference to policies and systems.
    • Highest level of managerial competency applied to governance, change management. leadership and development, problem-solving, networking, strategic planning, project management, performance measurement, team building and report writing
    • Excellent oral and written English and Somali languages



Director Name Khadar Cabdilaahi Xariir
Director Quality Assurance at Somaliland Quality Control 
The Republic of Somaliland
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