Certification Department

Department Mandate:

  • Quality Standards Compliance Assessment: Undertaking meticulous assessments and evaluations of products and services to ascertain adherence to established quality standards, both at national and international levels.
  • Protocol Development and Implementation: Formulating and executing robust certification procedures and protocols in strict accordance with prevailing national and international regulatory frameworks.
  • Documentation Review and Verification: Diligently scrutinizing documentation submitted by manufacturers or service providers seeking certification, ensuring accuracy and completeness of information provided.
  • On-Site Inspection and Auditing: Carrying out comprehensive on-site inspections and audits to meticulously evaluate the quality management systems of enterprises applying for certification.
  • Quality Improvement Guidance: Providing expert guidance and support to businesses on strategies for enhancing quality standards to meet the stringent requirements for certification.
  • Certification Process Management: Overseeing the entire certification process, encompassing application review, audit scheduling, and certificate issuance, ensuring seamless execution and adherence to established timelines.
  • Record Keeping and Documentation Management: Maintaining meticulous records and documentation pertaining to certification activities, encompassing audit reports, inspection findings, and certification status updates.
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Communication: Responding promptly to inquiries and furnishing comprehensive information to stakeholders concerning certification prerequisites, procedures, and standards.
  • Training and Education Initiatives: Conducting informative training sessions and workshops aimed at enlightening businesses and stakeholders on fundamental quality management principles and certification protocols.
  • Standard Development Involvement: Participating actively in the formulation and revision of quality standards and certification criteria to reflect evolving technological advancements and industry best practices.
  • Compliance Monitoring: Vigilantly monitoring certified entities for sustained adherence to quality standards through routine surveillance audits and periodic reviews.
  • Complaint Handling and Corrective Actions: Investigating complaints and instances of non-conformities related to certified products or services and implementing appropriate corrective measures.


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Certification Department
Somaliland Quality Control Commission

The Republic of Somaliland
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