Director of Metrology os SQCC


Quality Control Commission

Job Title

Director of Metrology Department  


Metrology Department  


2, Level A9-A3


Director General

Supervisory Responsibility

Section Heads in the Department

Job Purpose


The Director of Metrology at the Quality Control Commission is responsible for leading the metrology department, overseeing measurement standards, calibration activities, and ensuring accuracy and precision in measurements across various industries. This role involves developing and implementing metrology policies, coordinating metrological activities, and promoting adherence to international standards to support quality control and regulatory compliance efforts.


(Duties and Outputs)

  1. Develop and implement metrology policies, procedures, and guidelines to ensure accuracy and reliability in measurements across industries regulated by the commission.
  2. Establish and maintain measurement standards, reference materials, and calibration procedures to ensure traceability and consistency in measurements.
  3. Coordinate metrological activities, including calibration services, proficiency testing, and inter-laboratory comparisons, to support quality assurance and regulatory compliance efforts.
  4. Provide technical guidance and support to metrology staff and stakeholders on measurement techniques, instrumentation, and uncertainty analysis.
  5. Collaborate with industry associations, research institutions, and international metrology organizations to promote best practices and standards in metrology.
  6. Conduct assessments and audits of metrology laboratories and measurement facilities to assess compliance with accreditation requirements and international standards.
  7. Develop and maintain relationships with regulatory authorities, accreditation bodies, and standards organizations to stay updated on metrology-related regulations and developments.
  8. Lead efforts to enhance metrological infrastructure, capabilities, and resources to meet the evolving needs of industries and regulatory requirements.
  9. Participate in the development of national metrology programs, strategic initiatives, and research projects to advance metrological science and technology.
  10. Prepare reports, presentations, and technical documents on metrology activities, achievements, and recommendations for internal and external stakeholders.
  11. Provide expert advice and testimony on metrology-related matters in legal proceedings, regulatory hearings, and industry consultations.
  12. Manage the budget, resources, and personnel of the metrology department to ensure efficient operations and achievement of departmental goals and objectives.

Education and Experience

  • A minimum of 1st Degree in metrology, physics, engineering, or a related field.
  • A master’s degree in relevant discipline will be an advantage.
  • Seven years’ experience, four (4) of which must have been at the senior management level in the public service/private sector


(Skills, Knowledge, Behaviours)

  • In-depth knowledge of metrology principles, international measurement standards, and calibration methodologies.
  • Proficiency in metrology software, laboratory instrumentation, and data analysis tools.
  • Ability to achieve effective, efficient, transparent, and accountable governance.
  • Accountable for achievement of relevant strategy and priority goals
  • Demonstrated ability to make balanced and evidence-based decision-making to solve the most complex problems and defend judgments based on relevant evidence and criteria.
  • Ability to deal regularly with complex issues requiring strategic and timely responses.
  • Performs consistently at highest level of management.
  • Problem solving requires highest level of cognitive ability.
  • Ability to manage high degree of complexity of decision making with reference to policies and systems.
  • Highest level of managerial competency applied to governance, change management. leadership and development, problem-solving, networking, strategic planning, project management, performance measurement, team building and report writing
  • Excellent oral and written English and Somali languages



Name Cabdikariin Cabdillaahi Diiriye
 Director of  Departement Metrolgy at Somaliland Quality Control Commission
The Republic of Somaliland
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