Department Mandate: Research and Development Department


Mission Statement:

The Research and Development (R&D) Department of the Somaliland Quality Control Commission (SQCC) is steadfastly committed to pioneering innovation, advancing scientific knowledge, and championing excellence in quality control standards. Our mission is to lead the charge in groundbreaking research initiatives, cultivate strategic alliances, and facilitate knowledge dissemination to elevate the quality and safety benchmarks of products and services across Somaliland.


Core Functions:


Conducting Research and Fostering Innovation:


  • Engage in rigorous research endeavors aimed at tackling pertinent challenges in quality control and ensuring alignment with both national and international standards.
  • Cultivate a dynamic environment conducive to innovation, fostering the development of pioneering solutions and methodologies to fortify quality assurance processes.

Facilitating Collaboration and Strategic Partnerships:

  • Act as a pivotal nexus for collaboration, fostering synergistic relationships with governmental bodies, academia, global institutions, and industry stakeholders to harness collective expertise and resources.
  • Forge strategic partnerships to underpin joint research endeavors, facilitate knowledge exchange, and spearhead capacity-building initiatives.

Identifying and Securing Funding Opportunities:

  • Proactively scout and pursue diverse funding avenues encompassing governmental grants, donor agencies, and private sector sponsors, aligning proposals with SQCC's overarching strategic imperatives and research objectives.
  • Craft compelling funding proposals underpinned by robust research frameworks and strategic alignment to augment SQCC's financial sustainability and amplify the impact of our research endeavors.

Enhancing Quality Standards and Regulatory Frameworks:

  • Contribute decisively to the refinement and evolution of quality control standards and regulatory frameworks through evidence-based research insights and stakeholder consultation.
  • Provide specialized technical guidance to catalyze the adoption of best practices in quality assurance across various industry domains, ensuring compliance with the most stringent quality benchmarks.

Disseminating Knowledge and Best Practices:

  • Serve as a beacon of knowledge dissemination, leveraging diverse platforms including publications, workshops, seminars, and international conferences to propagate research findings, best practices, and innovative solutions.
  • Foster a culture of continuous learning and capacity-building initiatives to empower stakeholders with the latest advancements in quality control methodologies and technological innovations.

Upholding Ethical Conduct and Compliance:

  • Exemplify unwavering commitment to the highest ethical standards, ensuring strict adherence to regulatory guidelines and ethical frameworks governing research conduct.
  • Promote a culture of transparency, integrity, and accountability, fostering unwavering public trust and confidence in SQCC's research initiatives and ethical governance.

Monitoring and Evaluating Impact:

  • Institute robust monitoring and evaluation mechanisms to gauge the efficacy and impact of R&D endeavors, leveraging data-driven insights to refine strategies, optimize resource allocation, and amplify research relevance.
  • Cultivate a culture of continuous improvement, harnessing evaluative feedback loops to drive iterative enhancements and bolster the overall efficacy of SQCC's research undertakings.

Vision Statement:

To emerge as a preeminent bastion of research excellence and innovation in quality control, commanding regional and international recognition for our pivotal contributions to advancing scientific frontiers, fortifying product safety standards, and catalyzing sustainable development trajectories across Somaliland.

Aligned with our unwavering commitment to excellence and propelled by a steadfast dedication to our mandate, the Research and Development Department at SQCC is poised to chart new horizons in quality control, fostering a legacy of enduring impact and transformative change for the betterment of our society.


Director Name

Department Director
Research and Development Department